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Thought would re-post this today !!!! Love is one emotion which often gets confused with. People don’t know what actually Love means and mistake it for liking, lust, attraction, intimacy. Love is nothing else but a pure ethereal form of … Continue reading

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Network Jhol (Problem)

I was in a place for the last 2 days which has no network connection. Imagine what that means to a city living, BBM and What’s app glued creature like me. The image sounds a bit of restlessness and panic, … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirit

Have you ever experienced a moment, when you meet or even see someone and you get an instant feeling of connection, as if you already know this person? Well you have just experienced the connection with a kindred spirit, a … Continue reading

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A friend in need is a friend indeed, we grew up on this nice idiom in school. Though friendship is beyond this need, it is a wonderful connection individuals have with one another. This connection has no judgement, bias, evaluation, … Continue reading

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