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My Learning on 10th Jan 2012 inflight at 30000ft above sea level !!!!! Delhi-Mumbai

Blog in retrospect—–circa 2012 My experiences have taught me how to relate to events and situations. The one striking thing that stands out is my naive nature towards money and wealth. It has been a consistent phenomenon all throughout my … Continue reading

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Resistance Without Cause

Experiencing a resistance for apparently no reasons. Well apparently because the reasons are not known yet. What could be the driving force behind this, what’s the real scene. Oh beings of Equipoise bring forth the reality. Let everyone experience joy … Continue reading

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Anger – an emotion that is the most devastating, it leaves not only the receiver of anger but also the perpetrator exhausted, hurt, tired and above all angry on self. Is anger good? Well I feel it’s alright to be … Continue reading

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Awareness is probably one of the most profound words in the English language. It is the fundamental requirement of life to be aware, animals are always aware, that’s the key to their survival. Then, what happened to the human race, … Continue reading

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Kindred Spirit

Have you ever experienced a moment, when you meet or even see someone and you get an instant feeling of connection, as if you already know this person? Well you have just experienced the connection with a kindred spirit, a … Continue reading

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A process of attaining balance with a creation. Just as the purpose of a flower bud is to become a flower, the purpose of an individual is to discover its essence. The focus is always on a destination though. Equipoise … Continue reading

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