Executive Coaching

Coaching as a verb intrigues me, it is who I am. Coaching to me is a facilitation that guides and brings out, insights and clarity.

We generally look for answers for our problems or issues, what we genuinely need to seek for these answers are the right “questions”. A coach is trained to elicit those questions – tough ones, simple ones, hard ones and sometimes funny ones. All of them are needed on the journey to arrive at a clarity of thought.

It’s like sifting through a haystack to find an iron needle, we could use a fan with a gentle breeze and blow away the hay, or we could use a magnet to attract the needle, either way the needle has to be found. A coach is an expert who can choose the fan and magnet at the right time to find the needle.

I love to…..

….Coach and bring in a sense of objectivity and balance for Businesses and people. Create constructs that can keep things into existence.

Language intrigues me and word choice is extremely important for effectiveness and lasting impact. I love to communicate and bring forth that which people have to say in an assertive and objective manner.

I invite you on this journey of self-discovery. Write to me to schedule a session.