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Real Memory

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In the darkness of the night I search for thee I know you are around still I can’t hold thee. Loved You with every ounce of me and I still feel I have so much to give. This is just … Continue reading

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The right question?

More often than not, asking a right question is the answer. #articulate #focus #gettothepoint

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Let go

Some people are incredibly unfortunate that they remember every bad memory of their lives and they unknowingly treasure it. Time to # letgo

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Reap the Benefits of Staying Focused at Work

It’s imperative to stay focused at work if you wish to meet your deadlines and succeed in your career. However, such concentration isn’t always easy to achieve. Something always seems to sabotage even your best efforts. Someone calls a meeting, … Continue reading

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​It is hard to fight against impulsive desire. Whatever it wants it will buy at the cost of the soul. – Heraclitus

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Growing – Such a relative word !

​It’s sad to see organisation’s growing and not the people in it.

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Letter to someone, noone, anyone

​Dear so and so, I have been dwelling on this idea for quite sometime now, thought maybe it’s time to write it down. Why is it that love is so complicated or is it? You love someone and that’s it, … Continue reading

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The proverbial next step

​Why is it that we are always thinking of the next step and not watch the step we are taking now?? Is it the the natural instinct of the caveman to secure the future, to manage survival, to be avoiding … Continue reading

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The point in nowhere

Aren’t we all moving towards something that we don’t quite understand fully? We all have goals, a destination, a purpose or whatever we might want to call it. Though once we achieve it, doesn’t it feel all too futile and … Continue reading

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