About Me


My name is Makarand Kaprekar, a person with many facets, I am an ICF Certified Executive Coach, currently I work with a Healthcare Training organization. I have over 20+ years of work experience in leadership roles across diverse domains. I like to look things objectively and without bias. I like to see people succeed, that gives me a great thrill.

I am a very practical person and like to see only good things, I think I am somehow blind to all the so called wrong/bad things that happen to me or around me, I keep looking for the good in people and situations.

Few of my Favorite quotes are

“Sab MAYA hai ( It’s all an Illusion)”

“Everything happens for a reason”

“Whatever happens, something goods comes out of it for someone”


“I remember to forget and forget to remember”

“Hey Bhagwan Teri Maya (God its all your doing)” – Though off late my concept of God is changing

“Blue Feather”

“Jack Sparrow : Me I’m dishonest, and a dishonest man you can always trust to be dishonest. Honestly its the honest ones you have to watch out for, you never can predict if they’re going to do something incredibly stupid.”

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