Letting Go

There are moments in our lives when we have to let go of certain things, its even ironic when we say “certain” things. Nothing is more certain in this world than death, and that is the one thing we so want to be uncertain about.
Once we accept that death is certain, then the concept of death can be expanded/applied to many things – relationships, things, possession’s, memories……as everything dies at one point or another. We feel a void, a vacuum, when we let go or are being let go off. Actually, this is the play that our ego plays with us constantly, it builds in us the false notion of ownership, of possessing, of claiming. Although when this concept of death dawns on us, then letting go doesn’t seem to be so heart wrenching, as in either case it was heading for death.
Now flip this and think from the ancient scriptures point of view, nothing is really dying, it is a continuous journey, the journey stops when the ego is transcended, when the ego ceases to wield its control on the individual. Then what is this heart wrenching sadness of letting go all about, everything is actually staying in perpetuity, only the forms, the shapes, the configuration changes. Though we humans want it only in a “certain” way, only then we believe it exists, else we feel cheated, let down.
In my view the act of letting go is superfluous, when in truth you don’t really own anything, what is it that you are letting go of anyway.
Let’s take an example of lovers – Lovers may cease to exist as lovers, even then the “LOVE” persists. We get attached to being lovers, whereas all that is essential is we love. Near, far, close, away are concepts of space and time, love is beyond that. When we recognise this, love blossoms in the here and now.
The only true “let go” is letting go of one’s ego…. Bliss is all that surfaces thereafter.

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