Letter to someone, noone, anyone

Dear so and so,

I have been dwelling on this idea for quite sometime now, thought maybe it’s time to write it down.
Why is it that love is so complicated or is it? You love someone and that’s it, end of story isn’t it. Well that’s what I thought, apparently it’s more complicated than it appears. Love is good, only if…yeah it comes with caveats. Love as an emotion, love as a feeling, love as a way of being, is hardly understood by anybody anymore. Now is the age of possession, of greed and jealousy, of malice and envy.

Love as an emotion is so pure, so right, yet it creates the most wrongs in the hands of the non conformists. Love is plural when it comes to masses, in general, but love is expected to be singular when it comes to man and woman. Why? I don’t get it. Maybe I am the odd person, but I really don’t understand the singularity of love. For me love is like the Sun, it will burn and shine and light up anybody and everybody in its path, maybe burn some too. Now asking love/sun to shine only in a certain way, isn’t that a bit too much???

I am seeking answers, maybe you have a perspective to my dilemma, maybe not. Maybe I am the fool. What can I do, I don’t know any better.

Life goes on………

Yours Truly (not Singularly)

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1 Response to Letter to someone, noone, anyone

  1. author says:

    Dear you
    Just try to figure out a proper substitute for “so and so” that actually subconsciously haunted your mind. Your question “Why is it that love is so complicated or is it?” Love is not complicated, it’s a simple emotion that keeps flowing in your mind without you actually realizing it. It gives its cognizance only when it saturates you enough, you start realizing it and you try desisting it, but it’s a flow, that spurts from somewhere or the other finding its own space.
    Possession, greed, jealousy, malice, envy, neither are these element nor form of love. Don’t you think love has to be singular when it comes to man and woman? Isn’t love a complete commitment? How can a complete commitment occur in plurality? Why love to be in certain way? Don’t you think love is not everything in our life though its an important and integral part. It is an emotion commanding self respect that is then followed by others.
    Love is an aspect of life that do not have intellect answers, it is to be felt, to be preserved and cherished in whatever form you have got it without whining why not in other form? Don’t you think being endowed with love is enough to clear all the mists?

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