The point in nowhere

Aren’t we all moving towards something that we don’t quite understand fully? We all have goals, a destination, a purpose or whatever we might want to call it. Though once we achieve it, doesn’t it feel all too futile and maybe even unnecessary?

We are just like the earth, an object moving with such great speed around something, something that we can’t fathom or even reach out to. The only difference is the earth, the sun and all that comprises of the universe is everything and nothing at the same time. Yes science proves it’s existence but science also now proves that there is really no matter just energy. So the forms and shapes we create are maybe just a function of the collective thought process of humanity. Or maybe not. Who knows

Till then let’s all just head toward that point in nowhere. Feeling a little happy if we get to it, or a little sad if we don’t.

The abstractness of life is the beauty of it, try and not box it in any definition or meaning. Let it just be that, nothing and everything at the same time

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