Beautiful life…(or is it)

The beauty of life is such that it makes you feel utterly naked. Even while recognising all that there is to life, expressing and accepting it, takes so much courage.

A courage that when expressed liberates the one exuding it though often hurting all that comes in the way. Does it make sense to express it at all then????

Truth be told, yes it is good to express it, as it’s “good for you” not necessarily good for others.
How does one get out of this quandary??? Well there is no way out at all, the way is only inwards, because all that is “without” it comes together”within”.

Hearts will break, egos will surge when the truth comes to light, after that there is just silence, a silence laced with grief, joy and everything that lies in between.

So the question is,  is courage good?? But then again it is said “discretion is better part of valour”. Does discretion then mean hiding, lying, finding a middle path that is secretive. Who knows?? Well only you know:-)

Nothing really is a secret that has manifest in the world. Only an unexpressed thought is secret. Would you want that thought to die with you as a secret? It is your choice after all isn’t it.

Why do people lie, because someone dear to them is not ready to accept the truth as it is. Oh, how complicated do we make this human existence. Is this what goes on in minds with suicidal tendencies, they must be wondering if “this/these” person(s) didn’t understand me, what’s the point of living at all, it’s best ended.That is still not the answer though.

The popular adage says “you can’t make everyone happy”, you should think of your happiness first. People who do exactly that, are often labeled as selfish buggers, how ironic isn’t it.

There is so much to rant and continue, though enough for today.

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