The Divine is you and you are divine

Whatsoever a man has its never enough, there is always a hunger for more. More than hunger it seems like a sense of greed that emanates from jealousy of seeing others having more (presumably) more than you. This jealousy creates a vicious cycle of anxiety and it manifests itself as anger and resentment for self and also others. 

The anger is so outwardly projected that everything that one sees appears to be against it, as if the whole of creation has conspired to make you lose and wallow in self-grief. It destroys everyone and everything around you.

The only way to break this cycle is recognising that everything that you hanker about is nothing but a mirage. It creates a dream like existence that seems so very real, that you go in the mode of mine and yours, making everything separate from one another.

The truth is that all is connected, it has to be there is no other truth.

Drop that dreamy ego of yours and return to your true self expression – the divine is you and you are the divine.

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1 Response to The Divine is you and you are divine

  1. Parmeshwaran Iyer says:

    How very true Mak, but how few of us really are able to distinguish this in their day-to-day rat race !!

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