Stories…… Factual Fiction

It seems that it was time for him to switch gears, thought Sam. He had been contemplating what to do with his life for quite some time now. He recalled growing in an idyllic suburb of Mumbai city(then Bombay) life seemed like such a drag. Slow, but not necessarily dull. He and his bunch of besties were a motley crew of mischief mongers, albeit, all in good spirit. Suddenly, he broke into a grin remembering how they had stolen fruits from a neighbors yard and the old lady had come screaming with a stick, to beat the hell out the kids. Hahahahah, what a magical moment it was, stealing fruits. Was this going to be his passion for life, stealing hearts instead of fruits, it most certainly looked like that when he traced back how his life had panned out, he brushed aside these thoughts, to be maybe visited some other day.

He came out of the trance and was pacing up and down the corridor, well the pacing was mental, in his head, he never liked to exert himself physically at all, unless of course it was for pleasure. He kept thinking, what was is that he should be doing next?? What was it, that was so clear, yet eluding him that he couldn’t grasp it to make it a reality. Suddenly, out of nowhere, he saw vision of a courtroom of a king, more like a darbar. “the wise shall rule the world, only if the fool can be contained” he saw himself adorned in ancient garb of a royal advisor, telling his King. The king though was the fool he was referring to in his advise. Precisely at the same moment, the royal advisor was transfixed in a thought, what should I do next with my life, is it to be wasted in doling out advise to people who least understand its value??. Sam could not understand what he had just experienced, was it a hallucination, was he going nuts. 

The question remained the same, lingering in his head, What next? What am I pre-ordained to do, did the answer lie with the ancient advisor, or was the advisor waiting for the answer too, just like Sam.

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