Two words made up of exactly same letters and boy do they relate to each other. It is so well known and common sense that words spoken in a harsh, condescending manner can pierce and tear one apart like a sword. Yet, time and again, we do the same mistake of speaking in a harsh way, and its not just words, it is the tone that gets you.
How can one possibly speak to a human being in such a manner, can’t people think before they even speak? and how does it really help,  even if it is done with good intention, we end of scarring the listener forever for life. Are we so filled with rage and hate and bottled up resentment that we speak ever so harshly. I just don’t get it, be firm, be stern, don’t be rude and harsh, it won’t help your cause anyway.
And imagine if the other responds equally harshly, then a petty thing turns into a lifelong struggle, which has no apparent value.
Why do we do this time and again? I think it is all the matter of the ego, that drives us to do the unthinkable, its about time we ring fence it and tell the ego to shut up.
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