Somewhere along the journey….

So I am now 43 years old on this planet….it has been an incredible journey thus far..and am looking forward to the ride ahead as well. Though it would be worth pondering upon the journey that has been…it fascinates me to look back and reconcile with who I am. Yes, Who I am not Who am I? as an inquiry.
Somewhere along this journey I came across masters who have guided my soul in the direction that I so most seek. Never did they say  one thing is right over the other, all they said was be yourself, and boy is it tough to be that. Yes it is the most easiest and most difficult thing at the same time. Gifted with words and a flair for speaking I have always and will always love conversations, generally in which I speak the most, that is purely because I have been graced with good listeners around me and when the listeners weren’t there I started having monologues with myself and observing myself. The effect of that is, I have grown silent, does everything need to be said, does everything need to be expressed, does everything need to be explained, guess not. As I start the journey inwards, I am pulled inside with such rapid force that I like the new ride. It seems odd, for I am so scared of roller coaster rides and the inward journey is one roller coaster ride that makes you go utterly silent. The falls and rises are steep and they scrap deep within, the joy though is so calming, blissful.
So somewhere along this 43 years, I feel I have experienced an eternal life, that is perpetual…why then bother celebrating birthdays on this planet, living is the biggest celebration.
Joy to you all !!!
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