Truth : An Irony

It is such an ironic thing that when you speak the truth and say blunt brutally honest things you get slammed and shunned away. On the contrary when you lie and maintain a façade of niceness, you get well accepted. Shouldn’t it be the other way round?

Now the problem arises because, the one who gets to decide the right over the wrong calls the shots and there in comes the battle of the egos.

How does one get over this catch 22 situation?. Some say one needs to be appropriate and proper and diplomatic, some of us cannot relate to this words at all and always land up in a futile banter of right, wrong and everything in between.

Does it mean one needs to just observe and not comment on anything, then aren’t we just playing the role of  moot spectator?? Is that good to do? Who knows…

Maybe that is the quest of our lives, how to speak the truth and be at peace with it and also be at peace when you hear some truths too. Both are equally important, it is wise to maintain an equanimity in all situations.

Well, as its known when the ego disappears all that comes to fore is the eternal truth and that in itself is peace personified.

So, just chug along this dream of a life and reach out to your inner consciousness. The truth is always in you, you are the truth, because we are nothing but the manifestation of the eternal truth itself.

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