Purpose of Life

“What is the purpose of my life?” This is a question that haunts almost each one of us at some point of our lives. The sooner it does, the better it is.

The purpose or the calling as some like to call it, is something that you feel natural at, there is an effortlessness to it. It most certainly doesn’t mean there isn’t hard work involved, it simply means that you don’t feel tired of doing it, even if you are doing it over and over again. By effortlessness it means there is no friction with your core self, it doesn’t go against your grain, in fact it actually helps you grow as a person.

The purpose ultimately is in letting go and allowing yourself to surrender to the greater purpose of your existence, just being in harmony to your core. Just like a lion can be nothing else than be a lion, you will also be nothing else that you are not meant to be.

In surrender you will find the purpose of your life. The winning is in the losing of self to meet your true self.

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