Don’t know what to say…..

Sometimes there are times when you are at loss of words, not because you don’t have words but because words can’t quite express what you have to say. Then you just mutter out “Don’t know what to say..”. Actually, you mean “don’t know how to say/express”

Such is the beauty of love, what good is love if it gets expressed just in mere words, Love is experiential, it has to be felt. Yes,  recognise you have lived such moments and they are precious, though in probability not because of the words you said, but because of the words you could not.
Words have a beautiful quality, they mean different in different contexts, choice of words is an art, is a way of being. Words are like pearls in the ocean, they are very precious, we have made them very cheap and use them grotesquely.
We speak words for someone to hear/read them, words don’t need to be heard/read, they have divinity in them already, words just have to be expressed, so one can infuse life in them.
Personally, I cherish mostly the moments, when I muttered out “Don’t know what to say…” and deep within thought “don’t know how to say/express”   
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