As the calendar year draws to a close…..

This post is a revisit of the post from 31st December 2012 with some new learnings.  Well two years sure must have added some new perspectives, else life would have come to a standstill. 🙂

The month of December makes us wanna sit, lie back and reflect the year gone by and find answers to a lot of questions such as, Was it a good year? Did I get what I set out to? Are there any incompletions? Am I living my purpose? Was I of any value to others? Did I hurt anyone? Did I forgive and ask for forgiveness………many more.

The answers though keep changing with respect to the mood you are in. As the mood decides the perceptions you want to believe in, the good, the bad, the downright ugly. What seemed right for a moment, might suddenly become wrong and the view keeps altering. Its like the water that moves in the stream, its water, yes, but its never the same in the same place as it keeps moving. Does flowing water in a way teach us letting go, as stagnancy is bad not just for water but for us too.
Personally I never do this introspection, I feel it’s futile, what you did/did not do during the year is already gone by, it happened because you allowed it to, attracted it in your life, accepted it. So what’s the point of introspection, just go with the flow…….it’s fun to be in the flow. Keep Moving….
The beauty is one keeps making choices knowingly or unknowingly every moment, the choices create the future and also the past. How can it be any different in the month of December of any given year. The intrigue lies in being choice-less, choosing in the moment.
Have a wonderful 2015, be adventurous, Live, be alive !!!!
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