Tiny Tales….

Added 8 more Tiny tales. This is fast becoming a hobby of sorts.

The original post started with 10 and now the list is 26 tiny tales, its an enjoyable medium to write. Makes you think and want to communicate in the shortest and most crisp way.

#1 – He slept thinking sleep is safe. Dreams being the playground of  Angels and Demons. Waking up he thought was he dreaming or was he the dream

#2 – The DJ played that song, he skipped a beat. Travelling back in time he was back with her, momentarily. Machine broke and time stood still.

#3 – She called for years, got only a boring answering machine. The voice soothed her, he thought when, where, how. A beep ended the dream affair.

#4 – The laughs echoed the joy, they met after decades. No start no stops, real friends are a rare breed. One was dying and the other saying bye.

#5 – Atop her dazzling throne the queen proclaimed the sea is blue. Little did she know that the sea was colourless and color was in her eyes

#6 – The judge decreed, the father collapsed, the mother overjoyed and Sam wondered was he the trade-off. He wanted a family, whatever that meant

#7 – She smiled….it is enough for this lifetime. No desires no wants just a smile and the heart danced in joy.

#8 – He spoke facts, he heard feelings. Both were leaders, one was blunt the other scrupulous. People aligned, now one knows what power does thee

#9 – What hurts – The lie, the truth, the truth about the lie or the lie about the truth. One shall never know, we choose our hurts’ much before

# 10 – How can something so right be so wrong, then again Galileo was jailed for proving the earth is round. Time shall tell the difference, so wait.

#11 – Comparisons are futile, everyone & everything is unique. Why do we have egos that tell us otherwise, if only we could accept a space for all

#12 – I am not afraid of throwing the stone in the pond, I am scared of the ripples it will make!!!

#13 – LOVE-They were together, always side by side. Never left each other, never did meet. Rail tracks, they were, craving a meeting in infinity

#14 – Waves lashed his feet, Sam felt as Julia touched him, she on other side didn’t touch the sea, not knowing how to handle his touch anymore

#15 – The horizon seems so far, beyond reach. It takes a leap of faith to cross or is the leap like a mirage. U shall never know till u find out.

#16 –  Julie kept asking for time and Sam had none to offer, he said love is not measured in time. She said who is asking a measure I just need time

#17 – Julie and Sam knew not what was happening. All they knew was love shall prevail. They had faith in the universe, smiles soothe everything

#18 –  Sam said I love you Julie now let me go about my business. What business asked Julie, that’s none of your business, I Love you that’s all 🙂

#19 – Moments that bring joy are now far and between, yet these moments are what keeps them alive far and between. Sam and Julie blessed, live on.

#20 – They had a great friendship, Sam and Julie, then Love happened and came jealousy, anger, possessiveness, insecurity….what was lost/gained?

#21 – It is in moments like these that Sam and Julie get tested for Love. How could they part when they were a part of each other.

#22 – The moon looked soothing as Sam and Julie gazed it from different corners of the world, wondering why was the moonlight so unsettling then?

#23 – Desires are good for progress, stay unattached. When the I in one quells, the desires, disappear. Let go the oft consuming I be free.

#24 – Torn between worlds, trying to find his place of peace, what felt right & wrong pained him, Damien’s tears bled through his soulful life.

#25 – To love or not to love anymore, she wondered. Love is eternal said he, no beginning no end. Sam and Julie, Love personified.

#26 – His good was bad for some and vice versa, Damien had no sense of either, to him everything was as it is, just a point of view, odd was he?

I kind of liked this genre of writing, makes you think and write in a laser sharp way. Isn’t it always that we speak more and screw up the message completely.

There is this song from the hindi movie “Rock star” that resonates in this moment – the lyrics go something like this – whatever I want to say, my words destroy it completely. True very true, no wonder wise men say “SILENCE IS GOLDEN”

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    #13 LOVE – They were together, always side by side. Never left each other, never did meet. Rail tracks, they were, craving a meeting in infinity.

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