What does this word really mean? It is like a constant all throughout my career it has been about partnerships, with my customers and with my organisations. I have given more than 100% all the time, every single day. Yet I still wonder what does this word really mean. Does it mean friendship, an association, a transaction, I don’t really know. Along the way I have had some great friends whom I absolutely love and that’s the saving grace, because at the end, all that you can count on is the people you made happy. I may not be the smartest kid on the block or even not the most conniving in this cut throat world. Though I realise I am the happiest when it comes to life, its tough and its harsh yet it has been and continues to be my greatest partnership. People have come and gone, some I have and had to let go, though this life always finds me a good place to be in. That I think is for one simple reason, I think Life is a better partner than I am, I respect that and she blesses me for that.

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