An Irony – Life !!

There is a life we live out there in the world and then there is this life we live in our head and hearts. A place so different and comforting that we wish we could just switch the lives we live. I often wonder what would it be like, if such a thing ever happened, would the fine balance maintained now, go totally out of whack, would it hurt loved ones, would they be awestruck, would they be able to just accept without any change in their feelings, is that a possibility, the questions are endless…What if?  Truth be told one can find out only when we “really” make that switch.

How about we have a day called “Total Reveal Day” to empty our cup, to feel free, to be unburdened from this sense of falsehood and deceit. Else the other choice is to just live one life, the real one. No regrets, just pure existence !!

Then again, the Truth will set “Me” free, what about others?

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