Leadership in Action

A few days back was witness to a retirement function. The person was retiring from a 37 years of meritorious service, almost 50% of the audience was not even born when he had started working. And what a man he is, always available for a talk, with a shoulder large enough to support many a broken heart. He has created so many leaders on this journey that a thank you and goodbye seem so inadequate to express gratitude. I personally look upto this person as a pillar of strength, direction, perfection, a friend with whom you can have fun with and a senior who you can rely on. His work ethics and command on his work is absolutely fabulous. Well to think of it….we had a few guys who switched from finance to sales function and we were in awe of their courage, and here this man had already did it throughout his career..much before we could even think of it a risk. There are so many lessons one can learn from his life….for me the biggest lesson is….”Do your work and do it really well” and “You can be a nice person even when you are the boss of the ship”

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  1. Ani says:

    now curiosity killed the cat but still makes the cat ask who? but I can understand you may want to be private with names 🙂

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