The “Cost of Living”

I was watching an episode of “Castle” the American Crime Thriller and heard a dialogue which used the term “cost of living” with a context to life. Hereto, the term “cost of living” has always been referred to with essential commodities like food, shelter, medical care, etc….when prices go up we say the cost of living has gone up. As a saving grace we even sometimes get salary raises termed as cost of living increase/adjustment.

Though, when we use the same term and alter the context to “LIFE” it takes an entirely new dimension. When we go through trials and tribulations, such as separation from a loved one, ego issues with people, fights, success, joys, sorrows, money problems, shattered dreams……….and in response/reaction to these things, we choose a stand and so do others, both right from their own sweet point of view. As this is unfolding, we maybe left with confusion, sadness, helplessness, hurt…………that, I think, is nothing but we paying the “cost of living”. A cost that we have to pay, to balance, to make things work, to take that extra step, to gulp down pride……and many more such costs.

It’s said the greatest freedom is in death. Well, we shall surely know that when we reach that moment of truth in our lives…..till then  I guess let’s  just pay our bit to the “cost of living”

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