Sharukh Khan – The Man

There is enough and more written about this man. The man, the star, the persona….the everything. Lot of people are gonna be surprised to see me do a piece on @iamsrk, Sharukh Khan, I am not the greatest fan of his acting, as he himself says he is an average actor and does what the director says :-). Well this post is not about his acting its about him, the man, the enigma.

While I don’t enjoy him much as an actor, I love him for his persona, an aura that he has about himself. It is infectious, I am sure about that…he is an energy centre, dissipating it generously to people around him. Look at him, a man who almost came out of nowhere and is now ruling bollywood. Loved by millions, worshiped by an equal number as well. The few things I absolutely adore about him is his language, erudite seems a less word to describe it, the choice of words, the wit, the articulation, its impeccable, it is someone who, one would like to keep on hearing. I admit, I love to. His passion for his dreams, his insecurity of losing it all, so working hard every moment, it is so real, so human. Another thing I admire is he speaks, and I feel behaves from his heart, don’t mistake that as being overtly emotional, he I believe is a business wizard who has actually managed to create himself as a brand and was not created by someone else. He is meticulous in what he does, yet he is spontaneous enough to elicit some brawls, called or uncalled for, again real as humans do.

He is a family man, well at least he makes us believe, so let’s give him that. A doting father, a loving husband, a great brother and an ideal son. He says and tells about it so we know and he is consistent so don’t think its a lie.

Lastly something I want to acknowledge(the inspiration for this post) is his “Mannat”, the story is a bit linked to my life in a funny way. When he was starting in bollywood he had proclaimed he would buy this property off bandstand and make it his abode…well around the same time, I used to roam on those same lanes with my then girlfriend, now wife, and we nursed a dream too of someday owning an apartment in a building a few meters away from “Mannat”, overlooking the sea,(Don’t wanna get deeper into those dreams at this moment, maybe in another post), well the point is @iamsrk made it and we didn’t make in owning that apartment. So I admire his tenacity in doing what he said he would, declaring an audaciously crazy goal to the world and lo behold realizing it in record time, so I salute him for that and would always admire him for a man who made it on his own terms. I can draw a parallel here, many a man nurse dreams and only a few that chug along, work along, keep the passion burning make it happen, see their dreams come into reality. The reason I say the story is linked to my life in a funny way, cause hey we almost ended up as neighbours, well at least in thought :-). I often smile when I pass bandstand now and look at the same building, to be honest we made it well too 🙂 so no regrets.

Thank You Sharukh Khan,keep going keep living keep winning keep dreaming keep inspiring !!!

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8 Responses to Sharukh Khan – The Man

  1. Ravindra Jadhav says:

    Nicely written blog, liked it.

  2. Ani says:

    Excellent. Well written. I too admire the same in him. His spirit is far greater than just his talent, his desires are far more forceful than just his efforts. His energy is far more infectious than just his charisma. Recently I was watching one of his award show on Youtube and he was telling a story about being offered the role of Don, now he started the story as “for a kid whose all dreams have come true, to be asked about this role……” I paused for several seconds just there…. how many of us get to say the first line of this sentence? take a bow SRK!

  3. Prasad Dalvi says:

    Awesome article. Very crisply written.

  4. Padmini Joshi says:

    Words can’t describe how thrilled I am to read this blog about SRK. I have been a HUUUGE fan ..since Fauji….the love is still has grown stronger..I must say. I agree with everything you say..except…this one..according to me..he is NOT an average actor..he is mind blowing..Swades, Chak de, Kabhi Haa Kabhi Naa, DON2 and tooo many others prove this statement 🙂 He is magic on screen…his simple movements in dance…they are only made in dreams.. his run from the chopper to the the house in Kabhi Khushi Kabhi would put Tom Cruise to shame as far as style is concerned. He is “stylish” personified..his interviews are entertaining..he is a decent family man, who dares to say he loves his heroines and is the best at what he does. He is a brand, an amazing businessman an international star…I think he is the only actor, whom the public rooted for, when he played negative shades in his initial films..
    I could go on..but I have to stop now 😦
    thanks makarand for providing a platform to share 🙂

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