The Boundless Sea

Reposting as it didn’t get shared across my FB, LinkedIn and Tweeter accounts!!


Today experienced something magical, I left early from home. Had to get some work done, took the early train and walked in the compartment, empty, serene, calm. While on way, I realized I would be too early in office, so decided to go to Marine Drive and enjoy the vast expanse of the sea. And oh !! wasn’t that a great choice to make. It was so calm to look at the ebbing sea…an expanse so large that you appear so tiny to it. I was captivated by the beauty of this sea, it was consuming all in its path….the waves made a wonderful rhythm, the birds chirping trying to find fish. Luckily I was facing west and could feel the sun slowly rising over the buildings behind me…the effect was wow !!!. As I stood there, I wondered and my life flashed in front of me…have I made it…

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