Real / Unreal

Guess I am losing the grip on so called reality, currently in a state of delirium. What others call real, appears unreal to me. This often leads to confusion, my fundamental belief is “Everything is an Illusion” so where is the question of anything being real. Yeah, it may appear so and so we start accepting it as real. Staying unattached (sometimes referred as uncaring and stone-hearted) does help in this unreal/ real world. The social nature of our lives, expects us to comply, follow, adhere to norms…..kind of unnerving for me. We live in a “society” so we meekly, sometimes fiercely comply…we try to fit in, stay there, even get better at that. Flip to great artists, inventors, authors, actors…….and we see a trend….they fiercely tried to (or maybe not) stay un-fit, stay out and created something marvellous, amazing pieces of work and to think of it some of them were awful at relationships, almost akin to being anti-social. Anti social because they didn’t comply, they treaded their own path…they realised its unreal!! And what’s the outcome, the world worships them as great people, amazing creators…what a confusion.

So to give Shakespeare’s famous line a twist TO FIT IN OR NOT TO FIT IN THAT IS THE QUESTION

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