The Boundless Sea

Today experienced something magical, I left early from home. Had to get some work done, took the early train and walked in the compartment, empty, serene, calm. While on way, I realized I would be too early in office, so decided to go to Marine Drive and enjoy the vast expanse of the sea. And oh !! wasn’t that a great choice to make. It was so calm to look at the ebbing sea…an expanse so large that you appear so tiny to it. I was captivated by the beauty of this sea, it was consuming all in its path….the waves made a wonderful rhythm, the birds chirping trying to find fish. Luckily I was facing west and could feel the sun slowly rising over the buildings behind me…the effect was wow !!!. As I stood there, I wondered and my life flashed in front of me…have I made it, did I do the right thing then, was there something I could change….as these thoughts were jostling in my head…the sea said to me…hey Mak does it really matter, look at me…I am just flowing…all that happens on the way is something I cannot avoid…..I still go past it, make way, move on….I look very ferocious on the surface sometimes, though deep within I am calm, slow, serene…. Learn from me..these thoughts you have are not worth it….just go with the flow……

Now that’s something I hadn’t experienced before the sea talking back to me……felt real good. I asked for a request and it was granted, I dropped all my thoughts into the sea, and she happily took them away. I wondered and smiled, how many like me have dropped their thoughts into the sea, been freed by the sea….then it struck me, does it really matter.

I can now hear Mumbai wake up behind me, the cars, the people, the usual cacophony and I realize its time to head back to the office.

Thank you dear sea !! It was great to start the day with you, see you when I see you again…till then….I will just go with the flow…just like you said !!!

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3 Responses to The Boundless Sea

  1. Ani says:

    What a fantastic experience and you are so lucky. Nicely worded experience as I could visualise it and smile.

    In the randomness of life are hidden mysteries of our connection to universe, if we choose to look. 🙂

  2. Dr. Ravindra Jadhav says:

    Nice experience. liked it.

  3. Makarand says:

    Reblogged this on It's all written and commented:

    Reposting as it didn’t get shared across my FB, LinkedIn and Tweeter accounts!!

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