Do you sometimes feel?? “I want it out”

Why are we compelled to always allow others to shape our destiny? Whether we are in a job, a relationship….we tend to eat humble pie over our own dreams and thoughts, we call it an informed compromise to maintain order of things. Maintain a balance of sorts so that harmony(for others) exists in a meaningful way. This is a good thing to do as it avoids arguments, ego wars and most importantly allows peace. But, what is this peace and harmony about if we are at war within. A war that is so silent and repressed that it corrodes your entire fabric of being. Is it then good to open out your views, be radical in your own approach, stride forward and hope that others understand. A hope that sometimes can get convoluted into being labeled as crazy, arrogant, anti-social etc. How does one balance this, or is there any need to balance it at all. Going by self experience, I often get told, you are brash, arrogant, blunt and yeah egotistical,(not that I mean to, but others feel it anyway) this often poses a challenge, when two or three of our kind are in the same room. It makes other uncomfortable, it puts them in a spot of taking sides, aligning to relationships or levels of power, a choice that is sometimes very stressful, often filled with remorse and regret. I feel if some smart alec could leverage from this diversity, align this ego battles into a constructive debate and moderate or etch out a balanced outcome from this, it would be a wonderful experience. One always needs to support a point of view and not necessarily a person behind the point of view, this allows objectivity and neutrality, yeah difficult to practice as we are social beings but nonetheless definitely possible. On contrast to some this balance plays a havoc in their heads, a battle they are unwilling to fight as they feel its futile and not worth a bit. Well, the easiest outcome is “I want it out”, sing to your own tune, dance to your own beat, yeah this could lead to a lonely place, but hey, its still a choice, eventually as they say…just keep moving as finally someday, somewhere, somehow …”Birds of feather will surely flock together” till then smile and chug along, life is not so serious. Be Happy wherever you are, you are alive so its worth celebrating anyway.

Wot say your views on this, would love to hear !!

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2 Responses to Do you sometimes feel?? “I want it out”

  1. Ani says:

    Isn’t it always interesting that when in conflict, we can see only our intentions whilst others see only the impact. Harmony of intentions can make a beautiful combo without leaving a feeling of compromise.

  2. Makarand says:

    Reblogged this on It's all written and commented:

    Met a friend recently and saw him in a similar predicament, so felt that I should reblog this post.
    I liked what a wise friend told him “You are too good for them – so don’t get hassled”

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