Defying Fear

Wondering what makes fear grip us so mercilessly. Just recently, I faced a fear that has gripped me for long, the fear of driving, it was so strong that I have had a car for almost 4 years and had drove it only for maybe a 20odd Km’s myself. While the dream of owning a car was big and it was a moment of pride to have it, driving it (or not) was almost an altogether different experience. While the intention to drive was present, guess it wasn’t strong enough to manifest. The thought that I couldn’t drive kept nagging me at some level, though life continued like it always does. Somewhere deep within I could relate that not driving was somewhat metaphorically connected to other parts of life, for e.g. Being in charge, I always have been more of a relaxed person and don’t take stuff too seriously(well not always). So, I thought what would happen if I change this, and whoa that opened a whole new dimension, the fear gripped me, inertia and reason stepped in, and I got stuck. Then the power of intention, dream all kicked in too, when you want something real bad, you go after it, reasons are present but they don’t stop you they scare you but its up to you how you react to them. I hired a coach and that changed things, learning from a coach helped me face my fears and I started enjoying it, it isn’t that difficult I thought and it isn’t really. When you go beyond fear, face it in its face, its exhilarating and euphoric. I am glad I did what I did, the same road now has a new meaning for me. Fear is like a shadow, it will never leave us, we must learn to acknowledge its presence and move on.

“Just Do It”…Nike got it right, a long time back.

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