Unanswered Questions #2

We all know that expectations hurt, still we expect a lot from our loved ones, why?

We expect things because we think that is a sign of someone showing reciprocation of our love Or things that we do. It is more like an acknowledgment, but the mind and ego convert that into something else. We feel that when someone doesn’t meet our expectation they don’t love us anymore. And that creates tension. Expectation is a bane of all loved ones… They want to possess and own someone and not love and uplift. As for hurt …expectation does not hurt, ones response to not getting what is expected creates hurt. Hurt is an inward emotion. One can choose hurt or not.

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2 Responses to Unanswered Questions #2

  1. Asha Dsouza says:

    Read through your sight. Quite agree to something with expectations. Gd work

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