Unanswered Questions

What I have come to realise is that each one of us have unanswered questions. Questions that we sometimes don’t even ask anyone, and keep searching for answers nonetheless. A few months back I requested friends to share with me their unanswered questions and offered them to provide a resolution for it, quite a few friends shared their questions and joyfully acknowledged that I could offer them direction, resolution and pure completion to their quest for this answers.

I thought it would be worthwhile to offer this resolution to the larger universe, I humbly invite you to send in your questions to me and I will attempt to do my best for seeking a resolution.

There are a few ways you could share these questions :-

a) Comment on this post

b) Write to lifecoach@equipoise.co

c) Write an email to me via the blog

Please be assured that should you choose option b) and c) your identity would remain confidential and secure. Option a) doesn’t leave much room to do that. Though I reckon option a) is more powerful as your question might be common to someone else(in all probability) and it would help them as well. Ultimately its your choice.

Look forward to hearing from all.

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6 Responses to Unanswered Questions

  1. Dr. R.G.Jadhav says:

    You may publish some questions and resolutions suggested by you, without mentioning name of person who has asked ? so others can also contribute from their experience.

    • Makarand says:

      This is a very good suggestion, Ravi Kaka.

      Why do I believe I am special and different to everyone around me?

      The fact of life is we are all unique, and we ironically keep trying to become like someone else. It is quite natural to feel special,if we aren’t special to our own self, how can we be able to treat others as special. As for different, thats the make up of humans, we all are inherently different, and have what we call as similarities with few others. When we don’t meet similar souls, call them friends or whatever, we feel we are different to others around us. The idea is to recognise this difference and respect it.

      This line says it well “Why do you think you’re odd and different, a lonely outsider, when all that’s happened is you haven’t found your family”

  2. Prasad Dalvi says:

    How to decide on a decision – whether its right or wrong?
    I believe taking “decision” is birth right that nature has gifted humans with…. but taking right decisions is necessary, having right guidance is necessary. On a (seriously) lighter note Arjuna had Krishna 🙂

    • Makarand says:

      Right or wrong is only known after one takes a decision. Yes it is good to have guidance, you are right Arjuna had Krishna, though ultimately Arjuna made his own decisions. I prefer the word “Choice” more than “Decision”. 🙂

  3. Prasad Dalvi says:

    Well well.. Interpreting it as Right or Wrong is just the choice and that the decision is already made 🙂

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