Anger – an emotion that is the most devastating, it leaves not only the receiver of anger but also the perpetrator exhausted, hurt, tired and above all angry on self. Is anger good? Well I feel it’s alright to be angry, though it’s unfair to be hurtful. Anger can manifest in many ways, some get loud, some go silent, some scream, yell, some give the look, some just shrug, some (like me) use the help of expletives, some get violent, some destructive…And some use all the above and some more. Anger is like love, you gotta express it, else it eats you from inside.

Getting angry is as natural as breathing, getting affected by it is a different matter altogether. Wise men say, one needs to control anger, I think, if you control anything, it is nothing but some sort of manipulation which will spring back at the most unexpected moment. Accepting your anger is far better than controlling, being aware is more fruitful than being controlling. Whenever one gets angry, before it manifests into anything hurtful for self or other, in that micro second, if you are aware, just ask the question, is it worth it? Most often it is not, that realisation just snaps you out of that anger mode. Try it, and let me know.

The people who know me well, (and my short temper) might find it extremely amusing to read this post from me, well, I have just one thing to say, if I did get angry, my answer to the question must have been, it’s worth it !!!!!!!……..

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