Network Jhol (Problem)

I was in a place for the last 2 days which has no network connection. Imagine what that means to a city living, BBM and What’s app glued creature like me. The image sounds a bit of restlessness and panic, that exactly what I thought would happen. Though the network jhol (problem) turned out to be a welcome change,the “no network” sign opened up networks that we city people have been disconnected from, for such a long time. The network connection, with the larger universe, bird calls, sunrise, dog barks, cow moos, sunset and ………..list is endless, was the real network connection we are always wanting to tap into and get connected to the oneness in everything.

The realization that actually the real network jhol is in the city, which disconnects us from the vast network of the universe, made the 2 days expand into a timeless journey.

So the next time I am in a city “network Jhol”, I will take that as a sign, that the universe network connection is switched ON.

Welcome more network Jhol’s in your life, maybe the time is calling to switch connections !!!!!

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