You are the Universe

Life shows us tremendous challenges and jubilation. It’s a fabulous journey or an arduous path, depends on the view you take. All of us go through anxieties, fears, insecurities, though only some can rise above, go beyond them and emerge successful in their own eyes. Remember success is an inward phenomenon, most often we make a mistake of looking for it outward, like acceptance in society, status, etc. Success is a what we call our own, it differs from individual to individual and we keep belittling ourselves with comparisons. The larger question though is why do so many of us get trapped in these paralyzing emotions , it’s because it seems to do us harm, rock our whole world from its roots and we get stuck to our positions, the mind might wander about but we are absolutely stuck.

Recognize that these emotions will always stay, just like the stars stay in daytime, we only can’t see them because of the aura of the sun. Don’t we wish we could be like the sun, in fact we are the sun. Just have a look at the people around you, hold someone’s hand if its possible right at this moment, what do you see? Do you see a person, a man, a woman, a child or a consciousness known as the Human Being. We are made up of all elements of the universe, earth, wind, fire, water and ether. At the end of this life we go into the dust only to emerge back as a tree, a blade of grass, a fruit etc which is nurtured by the sun, the stars, the force of the moon. So in essence, you are a mixture of all the elements of the universe. What you hold by your hand now and what you are is nothing but the universe. Take a moment and acknowledge the universe next to you and acknowledge the universe that you are. Where then do you think is the place for fear, anxiety and the so-called emotions in your life now, They stop to surface.

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