Books a.k.a Vidya – Goddess Saraswati

This was something I typed out in my phone note pad about two years ago, thought would share with everyone.
Books – piece of paper, knowledge when referred in English, becomes a divine source of enlightenment when referred as Goddess Saraswati. The moment the Brain does this switch your books become godlike, you can’t throw them away, insult them, touch them with your feet even accidentally. Such is the power of books. I read in the book Illusions (my personal guide-book) that you can find answers to all your questions in any book you open, the only thing you should have, is clarity in asking the questions. Now it dawns on me the book gives you answers because the book equals god for us and God has all answers isn’t it, come to think of it he is the creator of all questions in the first place. I feel as sense of energy when I am writing this, again writing seems such a rigorous word than typing. It always great to capture Random Thoughts, in the retrospect when you connect them, they tell a great story or Who you are!!!

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1 Response to Books a.k.a Vidya – Goddess Saraswati

  1. v4ibh4vi says:

    so very very true… Books = Goddess Saraswati; and so the power of the written word indeed gives tremendous energy to the writer as well as the reader….

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