Money a.k.a Laxmi

Money, that piece of paper, instrument of trade as referred in the English language takes such a mammoth meaning when referred as Goddess Laxmi. Suddenly a mere paper becomes god for us, and as we say God is omnipotent and omnipresent, I think even money is, we just keep looking for it in wrong places, we think money can be created, but can god be created when he is the creator of all. So money is just to be realized in the same way we realize god. Granted some may argue, realizing money does not feed empty stomachs or pay bills though I would say it does because that’s how we feed our souls through prayer and worship.

I am not asking for worshiping money, all am saying is treat it like god and realize its presence around you. Whatever is your share it would automatically be credited to your account albeit with a caveat, You can withdraw and use it only if you intend and work for it. As I say often, Dhundney be Bhagwan bhi Milta hai toh Paisa kyu nahin.

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1 Response to Money a.k.a Laxmi

  1. Anand says:

    I really liked your thought process and agree with some of your thoughts but some differences as well.

    Can we compare money with God- If yes, then why at the end, when things don’t go well, we always say it destiny.

    Is money really worth searching for? I strongly feel that it’s a just by-product of your passion and dreaming. If you have larger than life dreams and work for it with passion, money will automatically come in. I always think that life is like a oil refinery. Refinery keeps refining the crude till the end when we get ATF or petrol- but refineries probably make more money from diesel or any other hydrocarbon products (less refined products) . The more you heat it more efficient fuel you will get which will sell at a higher price( but may not have volumes). If we consider that we are born as crude oil and our life is like refining process than should we aim for making petrol or gasoline or should we just aim for diesel as it gets more money? If we decide that the objective of life is to make petrol at the end we will automatically get diesel in the process which will get us more money, but end product (petrol) in this case will give us more pleasure and happiness ( efficiency)

    Few examples- Did Sachin, Narayanmurthy, Tata, Steve Jobs, Bill Gates,Lata Mangeshkar, Amitabh Bachhan or Makarand Kaprekar chose their respective professions because they make more money in that profession. I am sure not- They had a big dream and worked passionately. Money was just came on its own. However we dont see theire life an look at the beginning and the end !

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