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Money a.k.a Laxmi

Money, that piece of paper, instrument of trade as referred in the English language takes such a mammoth meaning when referred as Goddess Laxmi. Suddenly a mere paper becomes god for us, and as we say God is omnipotent and … Continue reading

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Conflicting views from trusted sources, what does one do in this regard? Follow the heart or follow the mind? Its a dilemma, Khalil Gibran says “There is a waiting in the going and a going in the waiting” How profound … Continue reading

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Such is Life

True isn’t its that life throws you out of gear only to show you a new course. Speculation, Analysis, Hunch, gut feeling basically give out interpretations that one wants to hear. The inner voice drives your life knowingly or unknowingly, … Continue reading

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Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown is such a dramatic thing, one does not know for sure unless one does it. I always say never live to regret anything in life. Nike says “Just Do It”, why then does one keep finding … Continue reading

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